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How to solve Autostart Macro failed error#41063

Question asked by balasubp on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2019 by balasubp
am using an agilent 7890B GC ECD system
When i tried to open the Open Lab control panel, " Autostart Macro failed error#41063" was displayed and the control panel did not open. 
I tried your online solutions for similar error 16289 (Renaming for config files with extension .old and also deleted user.config file). 
After I started open lab application it lead me to auto configuration page but after i entered IP address the "auto configuration in process" text appears but nothing happens. Then i moved my selected GC system to "Selected Modules" pane, entered details and clicked "Get GC Configuration".
"Configuration not available" msg is shown.
I tried to ping the IP but resulted in "Destination host unreachable"