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Why cannot I select my method while completing a sequence on OpenLab Chemstation?

Question asked by elodie on Oct 10, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by elodie

Hi folks,


I am using the software OpenLAB CDS Chemstation version 1.8 to drive my UPLC-MS. Sometimes, I have a problem when I am writing a sequence and when I want to select the method in the sequence table. In this case, the name of the method appears in grey (instead of black) and in italic. When I double-click on the name of the method to select, nothing happens (instead of selecting the method and closing the window to come back to the sequence table). I noticed that this problem appeared when my method was already loaded in OpenLab. However, it doesn't happen everytime my method is loaded.


Do know why I have this problem?


I manage it by closing my sequence table and reloading my method (method -> load method -> I select the same method I am using). 


Best Regards