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Troubleshooting help on Separation of peaks

Question asked by vinqc on Oct 9, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by james_jenkins

I am currently working on Calibrating a HP 6890 Series GC.  I am newer to GC (limited to college experience).  I ran close to 20 solvents for my full calibration.  Used a series of four for each solvent ranging from 1mL to 10mL.  Majority of my solvents came out well and had good calibration curves.  However, for two sets of solvents Isopropanol/Ethanol, and Toluene/Normal Propyl alcohol I am having separation issues. I attempted to change the temperature ramping, pressure flows, and even switched the detectors, but with my limited knowledge and not wanting to toy around with too many parts I am unsure what to try next.  Thought about switching the column which is currently a 112-2032 J&W Carbowax/20m but again unsure due to previous statement.  Looking for some advice or just knowledge to help me out.