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Help to test a free Novel Psychoactive substance PCDL

Question asked by peter.stockham on Oct 2, 2019

Can anyone help test it out?  just test it and let me know if there are any issues.

HighResNPS is a free, crowd sourced multi-instrument vendor HRMS NPS database for suspect screening, operated by University of Copenhagen. I have been involved in helping them convert the database to PCDL format to allow us Agilent to join Sciex, Bruker, Waters and Thermo in using it for suspect screening for NPS. It's done!

It contains 650 NPS with fragments, but ion ratios are not correct of course. Go to join up and you'll have access.They would also welcome any NPS contribution including yourPCDL subset if you are able to share such valuable data. I can assist converting it for you. Thanks for your time (note HighresNPS is not a commercial entity and I have no commercial relationship,)