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MH Quant v10.0 Method globals Non Reference window doesn´t work

Question asked by lehnert on Oct 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2020 by tom_barrett

Hi All,


Summary of our findings about MassHunter QuantitativeAnalysis (MH QA):


MH QA Version 8 integrates only peaks within Non reference window even in manual integration mode - we have some difficulties with that. The solution was to have wider Non Reference Window which caused lower performance of our lab. There was also not possible to use narrower Non Reference Window when there were in peak ananlytes and TPH like like "analytes" in a method.


MH QA Version 9 integrates only peak within Non reference window but it peaks can be manually integrated outside the non reference window. It was what we need. We missed for example keyword shortcuts in a batch at a glance for manual integration events and other minor things.

MH QA Version 10 integrates peaks outside the non reference window even automatically which we think is weird. We tried changing Correlation Window according MassHunter Help file (in rare cases it can integrate wrong peak because it calculates average retention time of quantifiers and all qualifiers) but i doesn't help.

There is, in my opinion, a bug in this behaviour.


Does anybody has the same troubles? Do you have any solution?


Pros of MH QA v10:
We found that this version introduced feature called Non Reference Window Override. This feature seems to be the best thing that we missed in previous versions of MH QA with respect to combination of peak analytes and TPH like analytes in a method (we need at least two different Non Referernce Window values: narrow for peaks and the other wider for TPH).



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