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Managing multiple users’ user interfaces: how to do it in OpenLAB 2.2 and later?

Question asked by tjlene on Sep 20, 2019
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Managing multiple users’ user interface in a production environment: how to do it in OpenLAB 2.2 and later? I am in a production facility where 20 users are expected to input data the same way, in 30+ sequences for 13 instruments. So, for example, each user must enter a LIMS number in “LIMS ID 1” and must enter a sample point in “Sample Name”; and the sequence name (which OLCDS confusingly calls “Result Name” even though it is the repository for any number of sample results) must not be changed so there is some order to the stored data over the lab’s multiple people and 24/7 operations. Our largest challenge is Agilent’s decision not to make the user interface a lockable feature that a limited number of people can edit. Though my own UI for ONE sequence follows me from PC to PC, how I set up my UI changes from sequence to sequence, and this condition is multiplied by 20 users x 30 sequences – that is around 600 cases for things to go wrong in a production facility. I do not want another call at 2:00 AM informing me that there is no column called “LIMS ID 1” showing. Two questions: there must be other production labs who have this same problem. How do they handle it? I understand that Sample Scheduler has a different interface than OLCDS and wonder if it would solve my/our problems. Second: there must be a default user interface somewhere in the background that is referenced for a new use or sequence. Where is it, and is it editable? If I could control the UI going forward it would help. Thanks!