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Separate Impurities based on Active (intelligent reports)

Question asked by neilr on Sep 10, 2019
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Im trying to create an intelligent report that separates two groups of compounds. This is for an HPLC impurities test and there are two actives with each active having their own impurities associated with it. In my Calibration table, I used the column "Compound Group #" (Grp) and entered 1 or 2 depending on which compound the impurity fell under. I then went to the Report and under the table Properties --> Peaks and Repeating --> Repeat On Field Properties --> Value, i tried to find "Compound Group #" so that I could create two tables that were classified by the group #. I was not able to find anything close to this name. Am I missing something or should impurities be separated a different way?


OpenLab CDS Re. C.01.07[27]


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