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Setting up a sequence with macro changed for C.01.10

Question asked by pumilio on Aug 31, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by pumilio


Due a change to OpenLab CDS C.01.10 the setup of the sequence changes.


For the old Version i setup a Sequence with a macro using the commands:

SetTabVal  _SEQUENCE, T$, R, "Vial", Vial

Where T$ is the "SeqTable1" od "SeqTable2". So i can set up a list for front and back and then start the sequence.


In Version C.01.10 the Sequence is one table for front and back injections and i can not find the macro commands for that. Using the old procedure will fail because of:

  • I can not set the Sequence Table to "Dual Simultaneous Injections"
  • The "Injector Location" is always front, i can not change it to back.


I think there are two different ways of solution:

  1. There are new macro commands i don´t know to activate "Dual Simultaneous Injections" and setting the "Injector Location" to front or back. Does anybody know the macro commands for that operation?
  2. It is possible to load XML Woklists for Front and back (Menu Sequence: "Import Worklist (Front)" or "Import Worklist (back)"). Does anybody know the macro commands for that operation?


Thanks ins advance!