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Difference between a VWD and a DAD Detector

Question asked by mr.white on Aug 12, 2019
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I got a basic question.

Whats the difference between a VWD Detector and a DAD Detector.


We are using a 1260 machines on the VWD

And a 1290 on the DAD



The only visible difference on the detectors is the range from input and output

aprox 5cm on VWD and 3 cm on the DAD. ( I didnt measure that value exactly )

And the pressure 40 on the VWD and 60 on the DAD.


Image result for vwd agilent




Image result for DAD agilent principle


it looks very similar.

is the difference that on a DAD the signal from the lamp goes first thru a prisma and then thru the sample.

On the VWD first passes the sample and then the prisma. 


I know the main benefit is on the DAD that you can record a full spectrum of a single peak.

For identification purpose.


Thanks in advance