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"Last changed by" value (operator name) for Intelligent reporting

Question asked by petur on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2019 by ryoboyle

When printing with "Area %" report in Classical Reporting - the name of the operator that is logged in is shown in the footer.


I cannot find a value to use in Intelligent Reporting to imitate this, using the "Area % report_short" as a template. There is a timestamp of the printing in the footer but no option to add the user there. No option for the user name in the global area, only "UserID" that is linked to the windows login.  We use operator login to access the OpenLab Chemstation program and only one access to open the computer (only one windows login) so the "UserID" does not work for us. But, as explained above, the Classical Reporting A% report can, in fact, retrieve the currently logged user.


Therefore there must exist a value/expression like "Analysis by", "last changed by" or "last edited by" for use in the global information area or in the footer to show who made the last edit on the report or at least who printed it. I found "Sequence_lastchangedby" but that is not what is needed.


I think this important as the user is logged in on the software and thus adding signature and date in handwriting is a time waste and unnecessary if the system generates it automatically in the final pdf file and/or print out.


OpenLab Chemstation C.01.07