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MassHunter TIC Analysis

Question asked by sharpless on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2019 by rejean_neron

I'm using MassHunter Quant 10.0. Under Library Search Reports - TIC Library Search Report is where I start for TIC analysis, which will open the unknown analysis software and then I can further modify. But I found out there are some issues when I processed the data.


1. The Dil. column under the unknown analysis always show as 1. The correct Dil. numbers wouldn't be imported from the Quant batch where I opened the Library Search Reports - TIC Library Search Report from. Do they talk to each other? Also, I didn't find a way to change that Dil. numbers under unknown analysis.


2. Sometimes ISTD won't be automatically recognized under unknown analysis (still I opened the Library Search Reports - TIC Library Search Report from a Quant batch). Sometimes not all ISTD won't be automatically recognized, and I will have to flag those and it will work and give me estimated conc.There is once no ISTD was recognized and all my estimated concentration showed as unlimited, and I couldn't manage to make it show up the estimated conc even after I manually flag ISTD.