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External standard calibration setup

Question asked by jtaylor7 on Jun 19, 2019
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OpenLab CDS Rev. C.01.07.SR1 {113}




I have a few questions on setting up the sequence table, calibration table, and possibly other settings properly for an external standard method. I saw there is a built-in ESTD classical report, but I'm not sure if this will work given the specifics of what we want to calculate and report. See attached for general sequence setup and below for explanation of desired calculations:


Standards 1-4: response factor (amount/response) is calculated for each and the average reported. This is basically a precision test, so we want this value to be separate from the bracketing standard values and therefore not used to quantitate the samples.


Bracketing standards 1-2 before and after sample: same calculations and reporting as above but we want this value to be used to quantitate the sample. Based off the manual, my understanding is we differentiate between these two by specifying the Update RF cell as "Bracket". I set the calibration interval as "6" because there's two samples between the brackets, each injected in triplicate (is this correct?). Could these sample results (1 and 2) be calculated and reported separately despite being bracketed together or would they need to be bracketed separately?


Samples: samples are diluted volumetrically by 7 prior to injection so the dilution cells were set to 7. 


I'm not sure how to set up the calibration table (if it's even necessary) since in the past I've only used it for calibration curves in Intelligent Reports. Would it be possible to do these calculations in either the ESTD classical report (preferably) or a custom Intelligent Report? Any direction would be appreciated.