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Why does the 7697A headspace sampler not have a "wait for ready" option when setting up method.  This was an option in the older 7694 model.  Agilent "advertises" that the new instrument can do anything the older instrument did.  This is not true.  All th

Question asked by itlad on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2019 by james_jenkins

This was a standard option in the previous model (7694).  Agilent advertises that new models do everything older models can do.  Not in this particular case.  All the reps I've talked for the company are "surprised" that this option was done away with.  Current replacement options are "abort," which does not inject the sample but punctures the vial - so in essence the sample is lost!  Other option is "continue" but if GC not totally ready this could cause sample to be re-injected (or lost if you're like me and have a customer who only has one sample to test).