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ISTD Outlier Setup

Question asked by sharpless on Jun 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by sharpless

Looks like the ISTD Outlier Setup for Env_QA_Check and QuantReport_Outlier_ISTDResponsePercentDeviation_B_06_00 is conflicting with each other.


When I set -50~100% as deviation% in Quant method, QuantReport_Outlier_ISTDResponsePercentDeviation_B_06_00 is doing good and will flag samples with failed ISTD correctly compared with AVG of all ISTD from Cal (flag 50~200% of AVG). But Env_QA_Check will flag -50%~100% of ISTD from CCV, not the 50~200% as I wanted.If I set 50~200% in method, then the second template is using the right range, but the first one will not.


Is there anything I should fix?