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IP Config Issue with 7900 ICP-MS and MassHunter

Question asked by paul on May 30, 2019
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I am trying to assign a static IP address to a new 7900 ready for connection to our LAN. I am able to assign the new addresses to the instrument and PC. Using ping from command line shows that there is a connection between them. I have created a new file for the Agilent bootp service using the newly assign IP address for the ICP-MS. However when opening MassHunter the software goes into offline mode. Setting the new IP address in the software does not work as it gives an error of not being able to find the ICP and drops back into offline mode. Is there another configuration file that I need to change as well as the Bootp file? The PC and ICP are still currently connected directly so this is not a LAN issue.


Many thanks