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How Can I Batch Tabulate and Report or Export Retention Times?

Question asked by swilson88 on May 29, 2019
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Is there a way to batch tabulate retention times for a run and perform calculations either with a user macro or with the ChemStation batch reports? I am performing an indirect measurement of Log P with an Agilent 7100 CE using retention times and known Log P standards. Currently I'm manually transcribing the times into Excel and performing the below calculations for both calibration curves and samples. It would be nice to either perform the calculations in ChemStation or be able to export or copy/paste the times into an Excel file. I know that there are user submitted macros for data manipulation, but I cannot seem to find an appropriate one to use. I attached an example Excel sheet to demonstrate the format of my calculations; it's a lot of number to accurately transcribe!


Calculate a retention factor, k, for each of the Reference Standard compounds according to the below formula:


k = (tR – teo)/(1-tR/tmc)teo


Where    k = retention factor

               tR  = solute migration time, min

               tmc = micelle marker migration time, min

               teo = electroosmotic flow migration time, min


Generate a calibration curve by performing a linear regression of log k for each standard compound and the respective literature Log P values.


Log P (CE) = m(log k sample)+b


               k = sample retention factor

               m = slope from regression of log P literature values /measured log k for standards

               b = y-intercept from regression of log P literature values /measured log k for standards