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Chrom has repeatative sharp drops found during maintenance.

Question asked by scomand on May 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by scomand

Hey all,

I am using an Agilent system with a Quat pump, a VWD, a restriction capillary, and water as my mobile.

No injections were performed. Lamp was exchanged and the flow cell rebuilt.  New OBV, rebuilt pump, new capillary, bypassed degasser to check. 

Rinsed for a week with water and water/ipa (60/40).These are the results the following week.

These strange dips keep gradually separating and only appear under pressure (holding 320 bar with a 0.3% ripple). 

I thought it was a flicker of the lamp, but now I have rebuilt the whole darn thing.  Any help would be a appreciated as I am running low on ideas.