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How to edit the columns at the result table

Question asked by dani on May 28, 2019
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I´m using OpenLab.


At Data Analysis => Integration 

there are two tables at the end of the displayed window. One of them is the file information, the other is called "result table". It displays peak number, retention time, type, area, height, width, area% and symmetry of all the peaks integrated in the chromatogram above.



I´m very sure, that it is possible to customize the shown parameters at this table. In detail I want to see the resolution. But I don´t find the setting.


This table has nothing to do with the printable reports (I know how to customize them). It is just a preview. The aim is to scroll down the injections and to be able to compare the resolution quickly.


Can somebody help me?


Thanks a lot, regards, Dani