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Can locking/unlocking and Level privileges be linked in OpenLab CDS 2.1?

Question asked by valeguard on May 23, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by ryoboyle

In our lab we use OpenLab CDS 2.1 and have a specific Group set up for our analysts and a separate Group for reviewers. When we create a new project, we set the signature levels so that the reviewer Group is Level 2 and the analysts are Level 1. Both user types are given the same Role, with the ability to lock/unlock result data sets enabled. When it comes to e-signing and locking data, a reviewer can do both with the higher privilege level, but then any analysts could unlock the data set even though they have a lower privilege level. Is there a way in Openlab to stop this from happening, i.e. when a data set is locked by a Level 2 user, it could only be unlocked by another Level 2 user? Or would the only alternative be to create separate Roles for Level 1/2 with the ability to unlock data only enabled for Level 2 users?