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Agilent 6650 iFunnel QTOF not pumping down

Question asked by haber on May 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by m4esti

Last week we vented and powered off our Agilent 6650 iFunnel QTOF. When we tried to turn it on and pump down from mass hunter software (I think B 09), the rough pump ran at the beginning, but just after 10 min, then it automatically stops. After a couple of hours the The TOF Vac showed 9.94 E-01 Torr, the Quad Vac showed 8.56E-10 Torr and the rough Vac showed 741 Torr. Then we tried to pump down again, the Q-TOF panel turned to offline. I think there should be something wrong with the software and the instrument. The event log also showed “ The communication from the firmware has failed”. Any idea about what could be wrong?