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OpenLab Chemstation communication with instrument problems

Question asked by aline.castilla-vitkovsky on May 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2019 by aline.castilla-vitkovsky

Hello Agilent,

I just installed Openlab Chemstation version C.01.07 sR4 [505] in a Windows 7 computer. The IP address for the computer LAN card is (SN =, GW = I was able to configure:

         6890 (IP =, SN =, GW =, Firmware Revision A.03.8, Software  Version 6.37 [006]) 

         6850 (IP =, SN =, GW =, Firmware Revision A.06.02, Software Version 6.37 [006]) 


Using CMD I can ping both instruments without a problem. I was able to configure them with Openlab Control panel, as the system shows the instrument information under the configuration tab, (Serial Number, Firmware revision, software version, type of detectors, injectors, etc), please see attachment. The problem is that when launching Chemstation, the instrument shows as NOT READY and the instrument actuals window indicates that the Instrument is OFFLINE, and it does not communicate (yes I'm clicking launch not launch offline). We doubled checked with our IS department and they assured me it is not Firewall related.

Please help.