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Hydrogen supply to the methanizer installed on GC

Question asked by yuhao on May 10, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by yuhao

Hi Agilent,


I have a GC 6890N. I want to install a Restek methanizer on this GC. I was wondering can I connect the hydrogen tubing of the methanizer to the back inlet of my GC to supply hydrogen for the reduction of CO2 to CH4? I find the hydrogen supply in my lab to the GC has been divided into three ways: to the labeled gas inlet, the front inlet manifold and the back inlet manifold. The packed column used to measure CH4 is connected to the back detector. During the determination of CH4, I didn't use any carrier gas. So I guess I can use that inlet to provide H2 for methanizer. Could you please give me some comments and suggestions? Thank you very much!


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