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Reporting the average of not detected peaks

Question asked by dnprulz on May 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2020 by mr.hbar

Dear All!


My problem is:

I've got two parrallel injections for a sample, sample_1 and sample_2. In the first one, there are Peak A B C, but the other has only the A and C. I have to report the average amount of the known peaks for my sample. I've created a CC for calculation of the amount, and based these results a CC for the averages. Both of them are 'peakorgrouptype'.  If I put the averages in to the first parralel sample's Group at the report, it's Ok, there all all the know peaks with their averages, but in the other page there are only A & C, because there was no B peak at all. If i check in the missing peak in the properties of the table, nothing happens, because the result of B did not generated for this injection/sample. How can this problem be fixed? I've tried to set the table's grouping to 'left(sample_name,len(sample_name)-2)' to get the two parrallel's results in one container, but in this case every peak is doubled. (tried to hide duplicates, but it works for columns only, and the empty lines were still there  )


Thanks for helping,