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dissolution report

Question asked by misoz on May 1, 2019

Hello I am trying to prepare sequence report (I am using Agilent OpenLAB Data Analysis - Build for the dissolution of the tables. The dissolution is proceeded in two steps and there are two time withdrawing point (60 minutes and 90 minutes) during the second steps and therefore I must make correction measure as shown bellow


where An0 is sum of amount of compound release during first steps and the second until the first withdrawal time point. As all withdrawal timepoints are measure as one sequence I have prepare three different “Compound summary” table which I have filter based on the sample name and sample type. The Concentration column in each table have been save as different variable (Varstage1, Varstage2_first_timepoint, Varstage2_second_timepoint) with unique key “Sample name”. In the third table (second stage and second withdrawal time point ) I have insert second column as a value defined the correction measure (equation above) but it does not return me any results, the second column stayed empty. I am pretty sure I am missing something, but I cannot figure it out.