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Solvent vent mode - split

Question asked by sesquiterpene on May 3, 2019
Latest reply on May 9, 2019 by sesquiterpene

Hello all,


I'd like to inject a very concentrated sample and use split to avoid overloading the system.

In short, I need to create a calibration curve for a highly volatile compound, and a diluted sample would mean large solvent peak that would swallow the peak of interest. I thus thought of making a high-concentration mixture and using a 1:20 split, which would give me exactly the right absolute amount of the compound of interest going to the column but get rid of 95% of the solvent.


But before I inject such a concentrated sample, I wanted to verify that I understand the solvent vent configuration correctly.

I'd appreciate it if someone who knows the system can confirm that the following configurations would really give me a 1:20 split. I highlight what I think are the most relevant numbers:


Front PTV Inlet He

Mode                                         Solvent Vent

Heater                                           Off

Pressure                                       On    6.4845 psi

Total Flow                                     On    9 mL/min

Septum Purge Flow                     On    3 mL/min

Gas Saver                                    On    20 After 4 min mL/min

Purge Flow to Split Vent              95 mL/min at 0.01 min

Vent Flow                                    100 mL/min per min

Vent Pressure                              7.36 psi Until 0.01 min

Cryo                                             Off



Thanks in advance!