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Connecting and communication between a 7890a GC and 7697 HS

Question asked by eme091 on May 3, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by eme091

I am having problems connecting my 7890A (firm.A.01.16) GC (that was connected to a G1888 HS) to my 7697 HS (firm A.01.08) that was connected to a 6890A.  I know this is quite a jump of equipment age, and id not know if the HS was setup a certain way to work with the 6890 and now it needs to be changed to function with the 7890.  I have the IP address setup and when I was following an agilent config GC-HS communications instructions to specified to use the back injector button on the GS to scroll to the headspace all I get is a message "none installed"??   I am still checking out other options and am waiting for Agilent to open so I can get another phone call in.  Thanks for any help and I will try to update if anyone needs more clarification.