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ICP-Expert 4.3 for ICP-OES 5100, Calibration Blank Function

Question asked by agricult on Apr 25, 2019
Latest reply on May 9, 2019 by agricult

Hi, I'd be interested to hear from people who are familar with the ICP-Expert software for the ICP-OES 5100 or 5110 regarding this topic.


I've been doing some method development work on the OES and have noticed recently that when a Calibration Blank is run the software doesn't seem to minus the Blank intensity counts from the standards or samples. There does also not appear to be an option to select this in the software. As far as I can tell the software just seems to take a reading of the Blank and plot the trace analyte intensity counts that it detects as the Blank point. I think in some cases if the Blank is registering to many counts of the analyte it increases the error on the lower points of the calibration curve.


Therefore I wanted to check with users of the instrument software if this is really that case and if so how do you get around the issue of not being able to minus the Blank background counts from the standards and samples?