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Empower3 doesn't recognize Front/Back injector configuration

Question asked by zmb on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2019 by zmb

Good Morning,

Just setup a 7890B GC with Empower 3 for the CDS

Built an instrument method to use both the front and back injection ports. I have a 6890N with front and back FID that we run a lot of samples on so this isn't a new method development.

+ So entering samples in the sample set, unlike with the 6890N, I cannot enter "F" or "B" to designate which injector to place the sample.

Guessing that the vials would alternate between front and back, I started the sample set and of course vial 1 loaded into the front injector and vial 2 loaded into the back injector; however, I noticed on the software that only the first row for vial 1 was highlighted. On the 6890 both of the rows are highlighted.

+ Data acquisition went well, reports printed, and then we get "Mismatch in injector configuration" when the sample sequence attempted to step to vial two... which had already been injected!

+ The reports are not correct in that the information for Vial 1 is used for both the front and back channel which could create a bit of an issue for COA/COC


So what I have:

Empower 3 on a stand alone workstation (running two other HPLC systems along with the GC)


Two G4513A injection towers

7890B GC front and back setup for FID


Anyone else in this boat?