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Chemstation freezes crashes anytime the computer goes to sleep

Question asked by tparks1 on Apr 22, 2019
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I am running Chemstation E.02.02 SP2 on Windows 7 with a 6890N GC and 5973 MS. Any time I've got Instrument Control open and the computer is idle and goes to sleep, after waking the computer and trying to run a method, instrument control stops responding and has to close. I get as far as telling instrument control to start the method, and it will say "Loading Vial" but the autosampler does nothing. The message on the MS says "acquiring." Any subsequent interaction with the ins control window causes it to gray out, "(Not responding)" is appended to the window heading, and that message with which all Windows users are familiar appears, "the program has encountered a problem and needs to close." At this point, the MS still thinks it is acquiring data. Shutting down Chemstation/instrument control and restarting it does nothing. The same issue will occur. The only way to "fix" the problem is to restart the desktop, and I'm always prompted with "1 program still needs to close; (Waiting for) CAG server executable. Chemstation/instrument must terminate first," and I force it to restart anyway. The timing of this issue may coincide with when I had to reconfigure the instrument to fix a different error, but I can't remember what exactly I did. This issue is frustrating when I need to run a sequence of several samples and the computer goes to sleep before it finishes. It will go to sleep after 15 minutes and the method is 28 minutes long, so unless I keep the computer from going idle, the sequence will freeze before it is complete. I cannot change the amount of time before the computer sleeps because it is a University computer and I do not have access to those settings. Please help.