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Openlab 2.4 - GC Blank Run

Question asked by chesstu on Apr 18, 2019
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Using Openlab 2.4 with our 6890N GC.


My question is how to be able to capture a Blank Run (no injection, only FIDsignal during oven ramping) ?


In the training I understood that a "Double Blank" is what I needed.

But when I make a sequence, with first line as a "Double Blank" to only capture the FID signal during a run with no injection, there is still a volume injected.

I cannot put "0" in the injection volume, as we did with Openlab CDS EzChrom.


On top, I would like to know how to do that type of instrument blank using a the Single Injection tab.

There's no option for a "Double Blank" and we cannot put 0 as a volume.


We cannot make method with an injection volume of 0 either


I'm kinda stuck !