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    OpenLab 2.3 negative values on report



      We're moving from EzChrom to OpenLab 2.x. Wow what a headache !!! ;P


      In EzChrom, we would calibrate without forcing by zero, and in the reports, if calculated amount was negative, the report would simple show 0.000BDL.


      Now, when doing the same thing in OpenLab 2.3, I get negative values on the report.


      Is there a way to not report negative values in the report like EzChrom would do ??


      Thanks guys!



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          I added some more tags to increase visibility.


          This can be done relatively easily by editing the compound amount column in the results table on your report template. To do this, right-click on the Compound Amount column in the results table and select properties. Then in the Value properties click on the 'fx' button to the right of the value field:



          You will then need to edit the expression to add an if/then statement so that any compound amount <0 will be reported as 0.000BDL, like below: