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Intelligent reports - Signal Description for MSD signals (SCAN/SIM)

Question asked by rclement on Apr 12, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by ryoboyle

Datafile with some DAD and MSD signals; when adding chromatograms to the IR, the signal descriptions for the DAD signals are correct (ex.; DAD1 A, 254, 4 Ref = off), but the one for the MSD signals only shows as "MSD# TIC, MS File" - it's missing the rest of the expected information like Ionization mode, Polarity, AcqMode for that particular signal (which incidentally shows up correctly when printing using the classic reporting rdl).



This happens even if we switch the legend to use a specific label such as 'Signal_Description'. It looks like it's getting the values from the ChromReg[1] objects and in fact, this data does not appear for the MSD signals under the 'SignalDesc' header. If I try modifying this header with a PreInteg/PostQuand macro (to include the full signal data), then it will show up in the report but upon printing, it will also create an additional signal for the first MSD signal in the series, which results in an additional chromatogram (copied) been printed as "MSD1 TIC" in the report;


Tried to run the macro at different points using some of the hooks, but it always seems to create this extra signal row (in the ChromRes[1], Signal table - not in the ChromReg). Interestingly enough, it only happens if the very first MSD signal is modified (either lengthened or shortened). Turned logging on but wasn't exactly able to tell where it happens. My current workaround is to only run the macro PostQuant when using a specific report template and then have it only show the signals that contain "DAD", "SCAN", or "SIM", but that's not exactly ideal.


Am I missing something here? Any help would be greatly appreciated before I start trying to do more complicated things...