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Varian GC 3800 Spare Part

Question asked by xerxes on Apr 4, 2019
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Maybe this question be out-of-date for the current time but I will be appreciate for everyone that can help me.

I have few Varian CP-3800 GC in our Lab, unfortunately some of them failed to operate because of electrical board part. I requested these board from Agilent, Bruker and Scion but non of them don't support these spare part and were obsoleted. There exist refurbished of these items in the market but I had bad experience about this issue. So I will be thankful if you introduce me a way (company and supplier) to purchase new ones of these items .

1-( 0392508201      Power board , Varian GC3800)

2- (0392508601      Main Circuit Board , Varian GC3800  )


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