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    Varian GC 3800 Spare Part



      Maybe this question be out-of-date for the current time but I will be appreciate for everyone that can help me.

      I have few Varian CP-3800 GC in our Lab, unfortunately some of them failed to operate because of electrical board part. I requested these board from Agilent, Bruker and Scion but non of them don't support these spare part and were obsoleted. There exist refurbished of these items in the market but I had bad experience about this issue. So I will be thankful if you introduce me a way (company and supplier) to purchase new ones of these items .

      1-( 0392508201      Power board , Varian GC3800)

      2- (0392508601      Main Circuit Board , Varian GC3800  )


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          I'd encourage you to discuss this with your Agilent representative.

          I'm not sure who you were dealing this - but I wonder if this was a misunderstanding about this request.

          Both the parts you want are still available from Agilent - but you need to drop the leading zero from the part number (so for example, the power board is Agilent pn 392508201). There is stock of both boards available,

          Hope that helps you,

          Cheers Eric

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              I'm so thankful for your response. I'm aware about the rearrangement of Varian P/N in Agilent but I cant find the power board (392508201) on the website.

              I will be communicate again with our Agilent agent. Thanks for your attention.

              Best Wishes