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Reprocessing error, will not work

Question asked by dizoriented on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2019 by ryoboyle

I created a new method last Thursday (21 March) and ran samples Friday.  Today I created a new calibration table, but I cannot reprocess my run.  I hit the reprocess button, but nothing happens (not even an error message popping up).  I tried reprocessing with an older method and it worked just fine.  When I went back to reprocess with the desired method,  I get a 'Container Error' message that says "<< Exception in command 'CFUpdateAfterSequenceChange' occurred!" and 'occurred in Function Container_ReprocessWithDifferentMethod Code 999".  I've attached the screen shot of the error message. 


I don't want to leave my session in Open Lab, since my first calibration table was deleted this morning when I left the session.  But I've hit a wall now, where I can't do anything else with this data.  Please help!