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    Pressure Difference


      Asslam o Alaikum (may peace and mercy be on all of you)

      If I use isocratic elution on quarternay pump agilent 1260 infinity series, the pressure is different  from that pressure when I use binary pump to elute same composition as i did in isocratic elution, the question is that why pressure is different while composition of the mobile phase is same?

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          It should be the same- please check if you have a cross port leak of the MCGV...

          You can do this by setting the flow to 100% the channel you want and pull out the bottle filters from the liquid of the other 3 channels...Do you see air being pulled up in the other 3 channels?  If yes, then you have a cross port leak,

          Also, if you take the adaptor into the active inlet valve from the isocratic pump and move it to the quaternary pump -so bypassing the MCGV (where you have 4 lines in and 1 out)  how does the pressure look?