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    Agilent 1100


      I recently purchased a MX Series II (MXP7900-000) 2-position, 6-port valve product and I’m having trouble installing it on my Agilent 1100 HPLC.  I’m trying to get the ChemStation program to recognize it but I’m still having problems.  Could you please let me know how to install it.

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          Hello kmork78,


          Sorry for the delay in responding to your question above. Are you still having issues installing this valve? Are you seeing any errors at all? Which Gxxxx LC module are you using to host it and which version of ChemStation are you using? Go to Help > About in an online/ offline session to find this information.


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            The MXP valve can be controlled via remote operation via the instrument.  The MX Series II (MXP7900-000) 2-position, 6-port valve is made by IDEX.  Do you have a contact closure board in the 1100?  I will send you the manuals that IDEX sent me.