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    How to Print the screen view - chromatogram scaling


      When using ChemStation OpenLab CDS Chemstation version 01.07, there are often peaks that do not integrate or I want to zoom in on a specific area.  I can manually integrate these peaks and zoom in on the screen, but when I try to print the data, it prints using the specified report parameters instead of the view on the screen.  How do I print what I see on the screen, similar to "chromatogram scaling" on the old ChemStation software, including header/integration information? 

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          When you say that you print the data, do you mean that you are printing single injection reports for you data files? If so, are you using Classic Reporting or Intelligent Reporting? You can determine this by going to Report>Specify Report in Data Analysis.

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              Yes.  I am printing single injection data files, using Intelligent

              Reporting.  I did figure out that the printed report was generated using

              the parameters that are set up for the specified report, so I adjusted the

              parameters of the specified report.  When I previewed the new report in the

              report editor tab, the generated report appeared with the smaller peaks

              integrated and scaled appropriately.  I then saved the updated report.

              However, when I then loaded/specified the updated report in the normal data

              analysis window, the report that printed was NOT the same as the report

              preview under the report editor tab.  So, now I possibly have 2 questions.


              1.  My original question, how to easily print data with updated

              integrations parameters, similar to changing the chromatogram scaling in

              previous software versions?


              2.  Why is the print preview in the report editor tab, different that what

              prints with the same report in the data analysis window?

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                  You are correct that when using an Intelligent Report template the scaling of the chromatogram is set in the chromatogram report item properties on the template itself:



                  1) If you are using Intelligent Reporting and don't want to edit the report template every time you want to change the chromatogram scale, then I would recommend that you use the Parameterized Chromatogram snippet:



                  This snippet will pull the time and response ranges that are defined in your method when you go to Graphics>Signal Options rather than the time and response ranges needing to be defined in the chromatogram properties on the report template:



                  2) My first guess would be that the report template being used to generate the report in Data Analysis was not updated with the edits you made in Report Layout. When you browse for the report template in Report>Specify Report, check the Last Saved date and time of the Result Set Template compared to the Master Template. If the Master Template has a more recent Last Saved date/time, then you can copy it back over to the result set and overwrite the current result set template with the updated template:



                  Hopefully this helps.