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    Editing AnalysisReport


      Hi there, I am looking to edit the Qualitative Analysis Report through Qualitative Navigator to remove some excess information that our lab does not require (SingleQuarupole Driver Version, Firmware Version, MSFirm Version, etc) so that we can cut our lab report down to one page with just the spectrum of the sample and standard. I am running Masshunter on Excel 2016 and Windows 10 and was finally able to get the Masshunter ribbon to show up on excel, yet I cannot click any of the buttons (they are greyed out--cannot process reports etc). I am just looking for an easy way to customize a qual report. Thank you in advance!

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          Easiest way to modify MH Qual reports at the moment would be using PDF Report Builder tool that was introduced to it with MH Qual 10. I highly recommend updating software to this version as it also brings in other improvements as well.


          To get started I have kept one webinar regarding MassHunter PDF report modification which also contains some practical examples. Even though examples are for MH Quant template the graphical user interface is the same for MH Qual templates as the same tool is used with both softwares. You'll find presentation recording and PDF attached to this message.


          I also attached one presentation from 2013 that goes through Excel template customization if you want to keep working on these templates. And most likely the issue you are experiencing with greyed out buttons is related to Excel settings that dictate whether or not VBA macros can be run. To fix this go to File>Options>Trust Center>Trust Center Settings...>Macro Settings and add tick to "Trust access to the VBA project object model".



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