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Open Lab CDS 2.2 Question for Calibration

Question asked by rjwwoon on Mar 14, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2019 by ryoboyle

Hello Everyone,


I'm new to Open Lab CDS and I currently have version 2.2 paired with a Agilent GC-FID. I'm still learnng the software and I had a few questions in regards to calibrating and calculating uncalibrated peaks. In Open Lab CDS, how do I calculate uncalibrated peaks using a known compound? I'm used to seeing this in Open Lab Chemstation in "Calibration Settings" but can't find that open in Open Lab CDS. Also, how do I recalibrate a processing method? I'm used to just running standards and going into "Calibration" and recalibrating my different levels manually under "Recalibration". In addition, is there a function to replace the existing calibration for a level and then average the response factor for different runs for the same level? I run all my standards in triplicate so it's something I'm trying to figure out.


Thanks for any help that you can provide.