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Loophole in Chemstation and sequence table?

Question asked by denislafrance on Mar 7, 2019
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Hi everyone,

I'm running a 7890 with 7697A headspace system.  I also have the communication software between GC and HS systems.  I believe I found what could be a loophole in Chemstation when using a sequence table.  The method I'm running requires 90 minutes in the over for equilibrium.  We recently had an issue where my technician was able to insert in the sequence table some samples in between samples already in the oven.  The impact was the following:  the system never brought the inserted samples to the oven.  It rather took the samples from the original sequence table and ran them twice: once as per the original sequence table and the second time as their new position in the sequence table.  The main issue is that Chemstation used the filename of the inserted samples to identify the chromatogram of the original samples when injected the first time.  We ended up with a terrible mess.  We were able to identify the problem because one of the samples inserted was a blank and should have had a flat chromatogram.  I believe Chemstation should freeze the sequence table for all the samples that are in the oven, get injected or are done.  Currently, only samples getting injected or done are frozen.  I did not find any way to modify the configuration of the software