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    It´s time to modernize the UV-Vis Chemstation software


      Hello, users of Agilent/Cary 8454 UV-Vis Diode Array System using the UV-Vis Chemstation software.


      The UV-VIS Chemstation software has archaic design and is full of minor bugs and counterintuitive software design/flow/limitations.


      As the years go by, it is simply no longer proper sales policy/customer service to offer this software with a new instrument.


      I strongly urge Agilent to bring the software into modern times with a thorough makeover/update in style with OpenLab Chemstation.


      The instrument (Cary 8454 UV-Vis Diode Array system) is very good and deserves better software with it.


      Please help to put pressure on Agilent to modernize the software.


      Regards, Pétur