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OpenLab CDS v2.3 Sequence Result Name

Question asked by chesstu on Mar 6, 2019
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Hi all

We just upgraded OpenLab EzChrom A.04.07 to OpenLab CDS v2.3 (what a learning curve it will be !!!)


We are in a production environment, and we want to keep it as simple as possible for the night shift operators.

In EzChrom, we had a 1 line sequence for all the samples they have to inject.

This way, we would save the result as the sequence name, it's very easy for us to retrieve the results afterwards.

ezchrom sequece.GIF

We quit doing single injection because the OP would forget to change the vial number, not choosing the right method, or we couldn't find where they had saved the results !

Running a sequence was really straight forward for the operators


But then, in Openlab CDS, we don't have the option to save the Result name as the Sequence name. It used to be the <S> option.



We would LOVE to get this functionality back. Where can we make request for new features ?


Thanks for your time