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    6890N / G1530N offline....maybe LAN broken?



      our 6890N/G1530N (installed in 2001) suddenly keep randomly goin offline. We use Openlab CDS. We have other same instruments that actually works.


      We change every cable, but nothin happen.


      Maybe its the LAN ADAPTER?


      We have a "dead" Agilent 6850/6850A (G2630A)....the LAN Adapter is the same?


      I was thinkin about to try to install the LAN adapter of the 6850A in the 6890N.


      What do you think about it?


      Thanks in advance.

        • Re: 6890N / G1530N offline....maybe LAN broken?

          Hi dmarchini,

          The lan boards are not the same with the 6850. Before changing any parts, I would make sure that Windows OS doesnt have power saving features turned on. I have seen some OS updates that change the power scheme. I will assume Win 7 here and suggest that you navigate to control panel, then power options and make sure the PC has the sleep settings at never. Display off features are ok. I have pasted a graphic below. If these are ok, then you maybe having a problem with the NIC card in the computer or the lan card in the 6890N as you suspect.



          If its a Lan issue, replacement part number for 6890N is G1530-62010 .