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    Error: Invalid File in EZChrom Elite v3.3.2


      Hi there,


      After a sequence run, sometimes I have problems with the opening the data file. Let's say I have a sequence run with 50 runs. Once the sequence is over, out of the 50 data files, most of the time I find myself unable to open some (8-10)  but the rest of the data files are fine. When I try to open the data file, the software say that the file is "invalid" and has been tampered with. Why is this happening?


      I name each data file as follows,



      Please refer to the image attached.


      Thanks for your help.




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          There was a hotfix released for EZChrom Elite 3.3.2 SP2 (UpdateEE3321050) that addresses this data corruption issue. Below is the issue description that was released with the hotfix:


          "Issue #1 – This software update fixes an issue where you can get a checksum mismatch. When you open a data file with a checksum mismatch you can get a message indicating that the file has been tampered with. When this happens the data file cannot be opened and it requires you to send it back to the factory to be fixed. This is an intermittent issue that may or may not occur. It was discovered that the issue was being caused by multiple threads trying to write a checksum into the data file at the same time. A change was made to the code to correct this by protecting the write operation with a thread lock."


          I recommend that you reach out to your local Agilent support and request this hotfix. Make sure that you have SP2 installed for 3.3.2, as that is a prerequisite for the hotfix.

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