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    7200B cannot measure 50 Hz profile data


      We have an Agilent 7200B GC-QTOF, and recently added a cryogenic GCxGC modulator and therefore need to speed up the data acquisition rate.

      However, when collecting profile data in 50 Hz, the system hangs usually about 10 - 15 minutes into the run (not at the same time each run). The instrument collects 50 Hz centroid data without issues, and profile at 20 Hz works as well. I suspect that this is a data capacity issue, either at the computer or network router. However, everything is 'stock' as it came with the instrument, therefore, it should be able to handle the load. Any thoughts?



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          Hi Jonsun,


          This one is probably a job for an Agilent service engineer but I have a few questions that may help you explain your problem to the Agilent team on the phone or email.


          • Are you collecting both centroid and profile data?
          • Is your Tune file a 2GHz tune or 4GHz tune?
          • What mass range are you collecting?
            • This is a method parameter, it doesn't change the instrument pulse rate on the 7200B system (standard mass range), it just limits the range saved. This will help determine if it is a data transfer issue (ie getting lost somewhere on the network bandwidth) or a board/firmware issue
          • You state everything is stock, so I am guessing the network switch is still in place?
          • Have you tried new short Cat6 cables?
          • Have you power cycled everything? (including network switch and PC etc)
          • What software and firmware versions are running? (OS version)
          • Are you running any "antivirus" software (or other network monitoring software) on the PC that may affect the network performance?
          • Do you have a "House" connection on the PC?
            • If yes, please check that the IP addresses are very different. ie the instrument network will start with 192.168.xxx.xxx. If your house also starts with 192.xxx.xxx.xxx things can get messy in the routing tables. Try disconnecting the house and try again.
          • How full are your PC hard drives etc?
          • Have you tired rebuilding your method from default?
          • Have you tired re-tuning from default (or factory tune file)?





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              1. Yes, both profile and centroid data. Collecting 50 Hz ONLY centroid data works without issues, however, the data file does not import properly into GC Image so we need to collect profile.

              2. We're running with 4 GHz high resolution tune.

              3. m/z 50 to 500, however, I tried running 50 to 300 and the acquisition ran til completion...

              4. Yes, it's a HPE Officeconnect 1420 Series Switch (JH329A).

              5. No, will try when I can. The cables from QTOF to switch and switch to computer are really long.

              6. Windows 7 Professional (6.1.7601 Service Pack 1) and MassHunter GC/MS Acquisition B.07.05.2479

              7/8. No antivirus, but house network although different subnet. Disabling and or disconnecting the cable did not help.

              8. More than 200 GB free, recently defragmented.

              9. Yes, rebuilt method but not tune file yet. No difference.


              So, that collecting profile data in 50 to 300 m/z indicates that the issue is either on the network or computer, right? Will try shorter cables, but my guess is that it's the switch that problematic. The HDD are stock, 4x500 gb drives in RAID10 config so should be reasonable performance.