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    Connection to Control Panel lost


      Hey all, anyone had this issue before when trying to process data on an offline license? 1.jpg

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          what type of authentification is used? Internal or domain?

          I had similar problem with domain authentification because account which is responsible to read domain auth has expired password.

          You can check it and renew in OpenLAB Shared Services Maintenance from Start -> Programs.



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            I added tags to increase visibility.


            Is this OpenLab CDS 2.x, OpenLab CDS ChemStation, or OpenLab CDS EZChrom that you are using? As majkee outlined in his reply, verifying the domain credentials being provided to the OpenLab Shared Services is a good place to start if you are using Windows Domain authentication.


            It would also be a good idea to verify that the Agilent OpenLab Shared Services are running on this PC (if this is a standalone workstation installation):