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OpenLab CDS Chemstation - Standard curve generation from a sum of multiple peaks

Question asked by magdaw on Feb 21, 2019
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I had to convert from Empower to Chemstation and finding it quite difficult.


I am trying to set up a calibration method for my compound which elutes as three separate peaks (different isoforms). I am using a 6-point standard curve with the reference standard. I defined three peaks as a separate compounds and grouped them together defining a total amount in the sample for each level. What I get is a separate standard curve for each compound.

How can I add all the peaks to generate a standard curve for a total amount (consisting of three peaks)?

Also, in the reporting I would like to still see what is the percentage of each of the compounds for the assessment of the quality of my product.

I would be really  thankful for any hints.


Many thanks,