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Please remove obsolescence from former SGT OEM filters and substitute it with Gas Clean part numbers

Question asked by s.khatuntsev on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2019 by s.khatuntsev

Hi guys,

please add the substitution suggestion comment after obsolete mark on a web site:

5182-0817 with CP17971;

5182-0818 with CP17970;

5182-0820 with CP17972;

5183-4771 is actually obsolete, we have to sell Restek 22022 or any other SGT analog, no one wants to switch to CP17971+CP17972. Please design a combination trap, I believe it is not very hard to do.

5182-9705 with CP17973;

5188-6474 is actually obsolete, we have to sell Restek 21982 or any other SGT analog, but sometimes I can convince people to make a good flushing to purge nitrogen away from CP17973 and don't mind 28 ion as a leak. You have nothing to do with it, as Gas Clean body is polycarbonate, not glass and you can't fill it with helium.


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