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    Need decon forms, straps, and a mailing label please.


      Hello!  We purchased our new LC with the recycling package.  We need to get the decon form and straps to send the old one in (plus a mailing label!) How can we obtain these items?  Thank you so much!

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          I will send them to you via e-mail.  It is different for different countries...

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            There are many types of trade-in/returns programs for used customer equipment within Agilent, some of which support Agilent products only and others that include competitive equipment. Unfortunately, the nature of these trade-in/returns programs may differ by region. I can definitively say that regardless of the program, an individual Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) form must be completed and included with each product being returned to Agilent.


            A list of possible trade-in/returns programs are listed here, some of which the Certified Pre-Owned instruments business provides oversight (these are the ones in bold text). If you need assistance with any of the returns in bold text below, please send a request to remarketed.instruments@agilent.com and we can help provide you the appropriate EHS form, packaging, bill of lading, and straps for your region.


            • Trade (DEFOA) returns
            • Credit returns
            • WEEE/Recycling
            • Return to Agilent and
                   Exchange Programs (bench repair)
            • Customer relocations
            • Green Program (removed
                   from customer and recycled)
            • Technology refresh
            • Cut the cord promotions
            • Leasing/rentals
            • Demo returns
            • Cash Buy Backs
            • RB Credit Based Trade ins


            • Customer donations
            • iTRP/fixed asset
            • CSO Service Guarantees


            What you described above sounds like it was associated with the Green Program (currently US/Canada only). When a Green Program promotion is selected, a kit should have been automatically shipped to the customer containing instructions, the pre-paid bill of lading, the blank EHS form, and straps. Packaging will only be shipped by request, as we are assuming you can re-use the new instrument package.