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    Sequence Summary Reporting Chemstation B.02.01


      Hello, I have Chemstation B.02.01 [244] and I would like to be able to print all the reports from a sequence in one go, rather than printing individual injection reports. Is this possible in this version of ChemStation? If so, please guide me as to how to do this. Ideally I would like to be able to print all of the reports in offline mode, after the sequence is completed, but printing them as they finish is okay too.


      Thank you!

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          Yes, in B.02.01 you can automatically generate reports for each data file by reprocessing the result set (or sequence container) in Data Analysis. You will just need to make sure that you are selecting and saving your desired reporting parameters to the sequence method. You can have ChemStation automatically load the sequence method for you when a data file is loaded by selecting 'Use sequence method' in the dropdown menu outlined in the below screenshot:



          The access the method reporting parameters once the appropriate method is loaded, just go to Report>Specify Report and select the report template, destination, etc...



          If you want your reports to be printed automatically during acquisition, then you will want to update your method with the appropriate report settings. You can do this in Method and Run Control by first loading your master method, then going to Method>Edit Entire Method. Since reporting is a data analysis parameter, you only need to edit the Data Analysis portion of the method. You will also want to make sure that the 'Standard Data Analysis' checkbox is checked in your master method's Run Time Checklist. This can be found by going to Method>Run Time Checklist.


          If you are specifying to print a sequence summary report in Sequence>Sequence Output, make sure that you are selecting to also 'Print individual reports for each run as well,' otherwise only the sequence summary report will print even if you have your method set up to print injection reports:



          Hopefully this helps.